The uprising of Mobile Marketing

In the modern years, a large population of people access the internet via their smartphones aka mobile devices rather than from laptops or desktops. Technology advancements has enabled users to get connected with the world across the Internet from anywhere and at any time. Hence, Mobile Marketing has emerged due to increased number of mobile and internet users which has become a norm for a typical day-to-day life.

Singtel’s SMS Marketing

But how effective is Mobile Marketing? In this blog, some of the key topics related to Mobile Marketing will be conveyed below:

Types of Mobile Marketing
Advantages of Mobile Marketing
Comparison with Traditional Marketing

Types of Mobile Marketing

1) SMS Marketing: The most common form of Mobile Marketing which marketers
leverage on to broaden out their reach to customers with personalized messages and promotions.

2) Mobile Application Marketing:  The process of engaging app users throughout
their entire experience with an app using effective marketing campaigns to
attract new & existing customers

3) Location Based Mobile Marketing:  The process of using a smartphone’s
location to alert the device’s owner about a deal from a business nearby which
location-based alerts are dispatched to smartphones through SMS text messages or specific apps that has this feature

Advantages of Mobile Marketing
1) Cost Effective: Strategies such as SMS Marketing are cost effective and also
inexpensive which makes this strategy a go to when a business has a tighter
finance budget to work with

2) Instant Results: As smartphones are mobile, most people have them right beside them at almost any instances in a day, when a notification popup onto their smartphones, they can check on it almost immediately

3) Convenience Usage: Modern day shopping has integrated the usage of a
smartphone to facilitate the purchase process from identifying the need by
searching of information on the internet for a certain product to making the
purchase using mobile payment via the smartphone. The convenience has made
it possible for future customers to buy your products via the smartphone at any
location and time

4) Wider reach of audience: With majority owning a smartphone to use on a day-to-day basis, more people can be connected with the world through the Internet.
Which means audience of an international scale can be reached out to the
globally to market your product to instead of just local audience in a specific

Group of mixed-race people looking at smartphones and tablets outdoors

Comparison with Traditional Marketing

Mobile MarketingTraditional Marketing
Reach to audiences locally and internationally via smartphones (Mobile App, SMS etc)Reach to audience locally via TV & Radio commercials, ad flyers, newspapers
Cheaper and cost-effective using digital platforms for Mobile Marketing (SMS, QR Codes)Can potentially be expensive if marketed on TV commercials & newspapers
Results can take lesser time to be seen at a faster rateResults can take some time to be seen at a slower rate

The importance of mobile marketing is critical nowadays for businesses to reach existing customers and potential customers and it should no longer be optional in modern day society given its importance that has been integrated in our daily life.
The rise of mobile marketing has indeed evolved from traditional marketing with the advancement of technology which is now easily accessible by anyone who owns a mobile device today.

What about yourself? Which type of mobile marketing strategy will you implement in your business and why? Looking forward to exchanging your ideas and knowledge with regards to mobile marketing!

9 thoughts on “The uprising of Mobile Marketing

    1. Hi Kristal!
      For your target audience, I would definitely recommend Application based mobile marketing platform as you can combine retro elements of your coffeeshop with new elements in the App to attract younger audience since they are tech savvy and can easily navigate an app.

      I will also recommend providing them with incentives or cashback system for the purchases being made at the coffeeshop to attract the younger audience as well.


  1. Hi Bernard, a great read and it was easy to digest and understand!

    I would opt for location-based mobile marketing strategy as I do not want to come across as intrusive. With location-based efforts, targeted personnel can easily drop by if interested and would not have to go out of their way to visit.

    Could you name some disadvantages of mobile marketing? I suppose one would be the lack of personalised messages if done in a mass effort which may not capture the intended consumers’ attention. In the worst case, consumers might just ignore them entirely and cause the efforts to go to waste.


    1. Hi Wilson!
      Yes I totally understand how you feel. Some people might feel similarly with you as well hence we have to take this in consideration when planning our mobile marketing strategy.

      You got that disadvantage right! Like what I have mentioned previously, we have to take into consideration the disadvantage which you mentioned whether it will be able still be able to capture the majority of the consumers’ attention.
      Some of the main disadvantages of mobile marketing are choosing the wrong target audience which we do not want it to happen. Secondly, consumer privacy is also a major concern on a daily basis as one has to be meticulously careful in using a consumer’s information only when they allow it. Spamming and using black hat techniques to advertise on mobile devices is not only going to harm your brand but also get you into legal troubles.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Yong Xun!
      Thank you for your comment!
      In my opinion, I do not think traditional marketing will completely be phased out in the future as there are some core elements and values that companies can leverage to build their brand awareness and deliver the desired message to their target consumers through traditional marketing.

      While mobile marketing is trending in the modern years, after all its elements has derived from traditional marketing.
      While traditional marketing tend to avoid the crowd on digital space as it can be crowded there. Hence today if you want to implement an effective mobile marketing strategy, you need to have a very good digital marketing strategy in order to carve out a niche and cut through all the digital static.
      Traditional marketing methods, on the other hand, do not have this problem. Since you only need to determine your target demographic in order to come up with the most effective offline way of reaching them and gaining their interest.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Bernard! Definitely agree that mobile marketing is important for businesses nowadays as it can potentially reach out to wider audiences and also help the company to achieve many other benefits. If I own a small business, I would probably go with SMS marketing as I can send out personalised messages which might help me to connect with my audiences better.

    With the comparison of mobile marketing and traditional marketing, what do you think are some downfalls of using mobile marketing? Should companies stop adopting traditional marketing since it is less effective than mobile marketing?


  3. Hi Jocelyn!
    Some of the downfalls of using mobile marketing includes taking into consideration of consumer privacy as it is also a major concern on a daily basis as one has to be meticulously careful in using a consumer’s information only when they allow it. Spamming and using black hat techniques to advertise on mobile devices is not only going to harm your brand but also get you into legal troubles.
    Secondly, there might be impact on the move, which means majority of mobile use is made during on the move which in many cases limits the consumer’s attention span and the user might not be able to catch the message that the company is trying to deliver to its target consumers.

    Definitely there should still be a mix of traditional marketing with mobile marketing as traditional marketing still has its values that companies can leverage on to bring across to their consumers.
    For example, it can be easier to reach local consumers as they can understand it easily while still maintaining the physical touch element of traditional marketing that some consumers might prefer. (Business cards, Posters, Flyers, Pens, T-Shirts)

    Hope this helps!


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